Monday, 29 October 2012

Dark 'n Elegant - Happy Halloween!

Dark 'n Elegant
Just a quick Halloween inspired Polyvore I put together.

I'm loving this gorgeous black dress, which I've teamed with these dark and delicious accessories including the fabulous Jeffrey Campbell Litas in Skull (what else?!) and the all new, and bloody amazing if you ask me, black 'Doodad' 3D nail wraps from Nail Rock.

And not forgetting to dress up the pumpkin with a pair of lacy tights! Far more interesting than a silly face (and a lot easier to do too).

Have a wonderfully spooky halloween! 


Thursday, 25 October 2012

Regal Rose - Darkly Decedent Collection

So the fabulous new collection from Regal Rose was released last week, and it most definitely doesn't disappoint!

Appropriately named 'Darkly Decedent', the collection mixes gothic with glamour, creating a result influencing from the Baroque and Gothic eras to 90's grunge and 80's rock.

Comprising fierce and edgy pieces, including claws, bones, and spikes, to more delicate and intricate lace and silver tones, Regal Rose have pulled out all the stops for this collection and, its safe to say, created a masterpiece.

The Lookbook shots make use of the models' oxblood red lips to create a stunning contrast against a pale complexion, resulting in a dramatic, dark, romantic feel.

And what a wonderful time to launch such a hauntingly beautiful collection. I for one will definitely be purchasing a few items in time to spice up those all important party outfits this season!

Above is my compilation of the key pieces from the Darkly Decedent collection, including some of the fabulous Lookbook shots.

I also gathered together some of my favorite picks in the set of photos below. I have deeply fallen for the Lace Crowns in both black and gold, the stunningly simple Symbolic Silhouette Rings (which are on my to buy list to wear with my already purchased Above Knuckle Rings - buy some they are crazy lush), and the delicate and sophisticated Single Chandelier Earring. It's safe to say I am hooked, and I hope you will be too!

The Darkly Decedent collection launched on the 18th October, so everything is available to buy online now! And do have a look at the rest of their fabulous products too:

Anyway, I'll leave the pictures to do the talking.

Regal love and roses,


Regal Rose Darkly Decedent New Collection - Launched 18.10.12

Regal Rose Darkly Decedent Collection - My favorite pieces

Friday, 5 October 2012


Now I've always been really really rubbish at doing my nails. I'm the girl that does the left hand perfectly, but when it comes to the right hand the varnish ends up everywhere! I also have the lowest attention span and patience ever, so waiting for my nails to dry without picking up anything potentially nail damaging is a task in itself! I'll admit there have been many times where I've walked around with just one hands nails painted for two or three days. Cringe.

Well a month or so ago I ordered some goodies from Models Own having heard (and seen) really good things about them! So when it came to payday I thought I'd treat my nails to some gorgeous colourful polish (two of which I featured in my Motel Festival Task post) and see if I could train myself to paint my nails properly, and to paint them all! ;)

I had already seen on their Facebook page the new Hedkandi Ibiza Mix polish which is glittermania in a bottle and looked absolutely fabulous, so that was a must for me. I'm also totally into pastel shades at the moment, so when I saw the Ice Cream Sundae nail polishes I had to give them a go! Plus they do all 6 in a box set for £20 which saves you £10 if you were to buy them individually.

Then I got a little bit ahead of myself and had a look at some of the Nail Art Pens too. Like I said, just painting my nails nicely is a struggle, so it was a lot ambitious for me to buy art pens (which I did, of course) to draw on funky designs. I've seen so many posts where girls have done the most fabulous designs on their nails; from leopard and aztec prints to floral designs.

Needless to say I'm not about to upload any of the 'designs' I attempted with the Nail Art Pens (far too hideous), but here's a really simple one I started off with using the 'Beth's Blue Ice Cream Sundae' polish.

I also added some nail art stickers to each hand as well. They've always been my saviour as they're far more simple to apply than drawing on your own yet give a really nice detail and finish.

My favourite way to do my nails since buying all these goodies is apply a pastel colour as a base coat and the Ibiza Mix on top. It just gives a really professional, effortless look. Besides, you can't go wrong with a bit of glitter!

Just make sure you get a strong and fast nail varnish remover as the glitter is hard to get off!

I'll definitely be attempting some more challenging looks in the future but for now I'm sticking with my simple designs and practicing them. :)

I've also just bought lots more goodies from Models Own, this time lots of make up as my collection was in dire need of updating! I'll share them all soon!

Happy nail painting!

Lots of love