Saturday, 29 December 2012

Christmas Tiiiimee

Hey dolls,
I just thought I'd share some pictures from over the Christmas period.

I'm Christmas sick already - I miss it and it went far too fast! It's the one time of year my whole family gets together and the whole spirit and joy of it is so so lovely; the manic buzz of everyone in the same room, kiddies playing with their newest toys, the gorgeous smelling food and twinkling decorations! We're still rockin' our christmas tree and dancing lights in our house and have a mountain of leftover food that I keep munching at regular intervals.

I'm still going to share some of my lovely presents with you all as I'm super excited about some of them! I got a real selection of goodies so keep an eye out in the next few days.
But for now enjoy some Christmassy photos!
Writing messages on my bathroom wall :) (ran out of H's)
Wrapping my pressies - Paperchase wrapping paper

Christmas day dinner - YUM!

Reindeer doggiiee
Turkey and crisp sandwiches - is it just me? Yule log <3

Boxing day dinner - equally YUM!


Humor me - it's Christmas ;)

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas Party Outfit

Hey y'all,

Merry Christmasssss eep! I hope everyone has had a lovely day, spent it in good company, eaten lots of yummy food and got lots of awesome presents!

It was pretty low key today at my house. I just spent it with my immediate family, eating an insane amount of delicious food, exchanging presents and watching some really disappointingly unChristmassy TV! 
Boxing day in our house is the day when all the extended family come around though, bringing mayhem and chaos with them. Its so nice to have everyone altogether every once in a while though, and it's always been tradition in my family to have the huge full on Christmas dinner both days which I LOVE!
I'll add a few photos of both days in a little while :)

Last week was full of Christmas parties and work dos so I got lots of opportunities to wear some of the Motel pieces I picked up from the Sample Sale. I just wanted to share a particularly Christmassy one I wore to one of my works' Christmas party's last Thursday! The whole outfit was mostly red and black which I've been rocking a lot this December and the dress is glittery in places too which makes it even more perfect for this time of year. I styled it pretty simply with some black tights, red ankle socks and gorgeous black wedges which I bought recently. I also added some tacky Christmas gloves and Santa hat - gettin' in the spirit an' all! ;)

Hope you like the look, the white furry coat is also from Motel Rocks from quite a few seasons back and I'm still so in love with it. It's surprisingly light and I just throw it over anything and it keeps me cosy as!

Furry Coat: Motel Rocks
Dress: Motel Rocks
Gloves: Ann Summers
Ankle Socks: Topshop
Wedges: New Look
So what did Santa bring you all this year?

I'm planning to share a few of the lovely presents I got with you all over the next few days so keep your eyes peeled for them!

But for now, enjoy those leftovers and if you've got more days off work enjoy them! I'm going to stuff myself some more tomorrow yay!

Christmas love,


Saturday, 15 December 2012

Working the Motel Rocks Sample Sale!


So this is my first December post I know, but with good reason as it's been a pretty busy month so far. Apart from being super giddy at the prospect that Christmas is a matter of weeks away (eeep), and squeezing in many a shopping spree where my intention is to buy presents for others yet I mostly leave with more goodies for myself, last week I had the pleasure of working at Motel Rocks' Showroom in Great Portland Street, London for their seasonal Sample Sale. This was a two day event held to sell some of the previous season's stock and also some unique pieces that never actually made it to be reproduced.
I've been to lots of their sample sales in the past as a customer and they've always gone down a treat with fashionistas wanting to snap up a bargain, and since I've been a fan of Motel for years it wasn't a hard decision when I was asked if I wanted to work both days of the sale, as well as the days before and after to help set up and clear up.
Every sample sale they hold has crazy low prices and deals: a choice of three separates (e.g. a skirt, a top and a pair of shorts) for £15, two dresses, jeans or playsuits (or a combination) for £20, and really low prices on their knitwear, leather jackets and coats, so it's well worth the trip to London! It's such a great atmosphere as well, and so lovely to get talking to lots of girls who share a similar interest and love of fashion.

For all the hours I worked I also got a certain amount of clothes I could pick out and take home, which was the super juicy cherry on top! I walked away with about 5 bags in total (I worked a lot of hours), spilling over with super pretty clothes having spent ages trying them all on and debating what ones I preferred back at the showroom, and I can't wait to share some of them in a later post!

For now, here are a few snaps of the day and a sneaky peek at some of the pieces I took home with me! :) Jx
Motel Rocks!

Bags of clothes from Motel :)

Gorgeous prints and pieces

Sparkly christmasy red n black dresses yay

Beautiful lace pieces and strapless printed dresses

Prints, bikini's and knitwear!

Lovely lace!