Monday, 21 January 2013

Motel Rocks Comp + 25% off!!!

Hey hey,

Hope you're all keeping snugly and warm in this gorgeous weather we're having (no seriously, I frikkin' love it)! I've been channeling my inner kid the last few days and having a ball in the snow! But if the cold has left you feeling down in the dumps, then have a look at Motel Rocks' latest competition - the prize is absolutely bonkers! 

One lucky winner will take away !!!!TEN THOUSAND POUNDS!!!! worth of Motel Rocks vouchers, as well as a prize bundle of every fabulous brand sold at Motel! Umm, amazing or what?!

And if you're not lucky enough to pick up that mega prize, fear not, as there is also the chance for TEN THOUSAND RUNNERS UP to claim prizes too!

Prizes from brands including Jeffrey Campbell Shoes, ROCK 'N ROSE, Zatchels,  I Love Crafty, Models Own, Nail Rock, Pretty Polly, Eylure UK, Lipcote, Gogo Philip and Jonathan Aston!

Get entering girls, this one is NOT to miss!!! Enter here:

Plus, this week only the Motel discount codes are worth an amazing 25% off! Enter JAYNAUGUSTINA at the checkout for 25% off full priced Motel clothing!

If you've got snow where you are, enjoy it! 

Monday, 14 January 2013

November Glossybox Review

Something I've wanted to stick to this year is to blog about as much as possible, providing it's something interesting and relevant, and one thing I realised I haven't done yet since I subscribed to them in November is to share my first couple of Glossybox experiences.

Many of you may have heard of Glossybox before; I had read about it for a long while and debated how worthwhile it was until I finally decided to try one out myself.

For those of you who haven't discovered Glossybox, it's a monthly beauty subscription costing £10 per month (plus £2.95 p&p) where you receive five miniature beauty samples in each months box. It's a way of the customer trying out the latest products and brands and keeping up to date with the latest beauty trends.

I subscribed in November so that was my first box, which is the feature of todays post. I realise we're now in January so I'm backtracking quiiiite a bit but I wanted to start with the first one I received and carry them on from there. I have since got the December one although admittedly I haven't tried out many of the products yet! I'm hoping to follow up in a few days with the December box as long as I have tried the products out first! My January box is also on its way so I'm excited to see what undiscovered treasures that holds!

As this was a totally new experience I didn't know what to expect from the box or the products inside. The box is a simple light pink and the packaging and presentation was lovely. The five miniatures didn't disappoint either.

So what's in the November box?
      WEI White Lotus Hydrating Face Treatment Pad
      Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant
      Alison Claire Mango Body Butter
      Dr Jart+ Water Fuse Beauty Balm
      Nails INC - Notting Hill Gate

Wearing the WEI Face Pad!
(Scary lookin'!)
WEI White Lotus Hydrating Face Treatment Pad: (1 pad) This was really strange and unusual to try out! You place the pad over your face (there are holes for your eyes, nose and mouth) and leave on for 10 minutes, while massaging it into your skin for one minute. I was only able to test this one time as it's  just the one pad in the packet and as it's the first time I've used anything like this I'm just going by this experience. It looked really creepy on (see horrendous picture), I felt like I was out of a horror movie, but it stayed on well meaning I could carry on doing other things while it was on and I wasn't worried about it falling off. It made my face really cold but that kinda felt to me like it was doing its job. Once I had removed the pad and washed off the excess my face felt incredibly fresh and clean and my skin felt really really soft! Definitely want to try more products like this in the future.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant: (13g sample) Using this was a totally new experience. I've tried my fair share of exfoliants but never a powder based one. It contains a rice-based powder formula which you dispense into wet hands to create a paste that you work into the skin. It does exactly what it claims to, gently exfoliating the skin and leaving it feeling (very) smooth and bright. What's even better is that the results are instant once the excess is washed off. 

Alison Claire Mango Body Butter: (50ml sample) I'm not a fan of Mangos, or their smell, at all, so I didn't think I'd be getting much use out of this, however after using this body butter a few times the smell has grown on me. It leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and smells quite refreshing.

Dr Jart+ Water Fuse Beauty Balm: (SPF 25 / 15ml sample) This was by far my favourite of the five and the product I have got the most use out of. To be fair it's my first try using a BB Cream (gasp) but it's created a fan in me. It applies well, although I do use quite a bit for total even coverage, but once it's on you can definitely tell the difference. It creates a very natural glow and evens out my skin tone well. It feels really light to wear, gives a very natural look and feels as if I'm wearing hardly any make up at all. It doesn't totally cover blemishes though sadly so I don't just rely on this for cover.
It has made me curious to try out other brands of BB Cream to make my mind up which I like and what works the most.
Nails INC shade Notting Hill Gate

Nails INC - shade Notting Hill Gate: (4ml) Although this is the tiniest tub of nail varnish I have ever owned, and knowing my nail polishing habits will soon be finished, I have to say I'm very happy that I received this shade. I've seen both the other variations of the box and bold and bright is definitely more up my street. I've never used a Nails INC polish before (gasp number two) but I was really impressed. It applies really smoothly and with such ease, and after two coats it's good to go! It's not very shiny though so I did put a clear layer on top, but I usually do that anyway.

Overall I'm pretty chuffed with the samples I received. I only initially subscribed to one month of Glossybox just to try it out and get a taste of what it's like, with a view to cancelling the subscription if I found it wasn't worthwhile, however I've stayed with it and will do so as long as it doesn't get too repetitive and provides me with new products I will use and try out.

Are any of you girls subscribed to Glossybox and if so what are your impressions?

(December post to follow shortly! Sorry about the really long post! Let me know if this is something you'd like to read more of or if it's far too boring!)

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Date Night Outfit - dinner and Pitch Perfect

Yesterday the boyf and I took a spontaneous late night dinner/cinema trip to Westfield, where he treated to me to dinner in a yummy but pricey brazilian restaurant and we watched Pitch Perfect (ahmaazing - I'll get to that!).

I took a few snaps of what I wore beforehand, they are awful quality so massive apologies, but I just thought I'd share those with you.

I've been wearing these red trousers a lot recently. They were one of the freebies I picked when I worked at the Motel Rocks Sample Sale (blog post here), as was the top, and they fit snug as! They're on the Motel website here, and come in lots of gorgeous shades. The black and white top is a loose fitting crop top and I nabbed quite a few in different prints and colours as I really like the way it fits.

The blazer I fell in love with - code for purchased immediately - a few months back from Missguided. I do love a Missguided purchase. It fits really nicely and the inner lining feels soft and light yet at the same time it's cosy to wear. The studded shoulders sealed the deal though for me, they just perfectly enhance a simple black blazer without going over board, so I can still get away with wearing it to work too.

The pumps I bought only a few weeks ago from New Look. I bought them as a relatively smart pair to wear at work but I've ended up just wearing them out a lot instead. They also have studs on the back which again = *hearts*.

Finally, the bag I bought quiiite a while back from Topshop and I really love the style and shape. I don't usually do little bags, I like to haul huge Mary Poppins' style ones around filled with pretty much anything I can convince myself 'I might need'. But I saw this one and thought it was far too cute, I love the bow and the little handle, and hoped it might train me into carrying around less stuff.

So we watched Pitch Perfect, which looked really funny in the trailers. I loved it! I instantly liked the main characters, it was hilarious in places, (some) of the song mash-ups were really good, and overall it really entertained me. I had heard it compared to Glee a lot which made me think I'd hate it (not a Glee fan) but I wouldn't compare the two at all and Pitch Perfect is FAR better (in my opinion)! It's a lot more fun and the characters are so much more loveable and charismatic.

Have any of you seen Pitch Perfect and if so what did you think? What else is everyone watching and liking in cinema at the moment?


Friday, 4 January 2013

Barry M - Magnetic Nails

Just wanted to quickly share my newest love of Magnetic Nails by Barry M.

When I read about the concept a while ago it confused the hell out of me, but once I tried it out myself I thought the results looked amazing!

The polish contains magnetic particles and the lid incorporates a magnet with a unique design. As soon as you apply the second coat of polish you immediately hover the magnet over the wet nail and it draws out the design.

Well for Christmas one of my lovely brothers bought me a tub of the Violet with a straight line design (see picture below) and I'm really glad he did as it's my new favourite way of doing my nails. It took me a little while to get the hang of it - more than once I managed to smudge the polish by getting the magnet a little too close - but once you perfect the process the outcome looks awesome!
Magnetic Nail - Violet (np329)
There's a whole range to collect, each comes with a different magnet design so once you have more than one you can mix and match with colours and effects. The different magnet designs are shown on each lid.

If you haven't tried this yet I'd definitely recommend getting a tub! Each tub is £4.99 which I don't think is bad at all for a good quality nail polish, especially for what it creates! I'm addicted for sure, and plan to pick up a few more tubs to start mixing and matching designs!
Some more designs and colours from the range
What do you guys think of the look? Is it something you'd try or have done already?

Speaking of magnetic, I heard this song a couple of months ago and haven't stopped listening to it since!

Happy Friday! Hope you all have lovely things planned for the weekend!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

December on Instagram










new pink jumpers // finding old photos of 5 year old me // chocolate and blogging
Surrey in candlelight // Billy Beau // personalised chocolate bear
one chilled out cat // waheey - upside down snowman // unexpected flowers
blogs new look // messages on the bathroom wall // playing with alphabet letters
Christmassy outfit // Mary and Jo(seph) went to Starbucks // wrapping presents
macarooooons // Burlington Arcade // Central at Christmas
pretty decorations // cwishmashh twee // yummiest Christmas food
Freddie tucking into his present // presents from my sister // my first try with magnetic nails
vanity // Missguided new shoes - IN LOVE // lost in London
// Happy New Year //

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Christmas Tiiiimee

Hey dolls,
I just thought I'd share some pictures from over the Christmas period.

I'm Christmas sick already - I miss it and it went far too fast! It's the one time of year my whole family gets together and the whole spirit and joy of it is so so lovely; the manic buzz of everyone in the same room, kiddies playing with their newest toys, the gorgeous smelling food and twinkling decorations! We're still rockin' our christmas tree and dancing lights in our house and have a mountain of leftover food that I keep munching at regular intervals.

I'm still going to share some of my lovely presents with you all as I'm super excited about some of them! I got a real selection of goodies so keep an eye out in the next few days.
But for now enjoy some Christmassy photos!
Writing messages on my bathroom wall :) (ran out of H's)
Wrapping my pressies - Paperchase wrapping paper

Christmas day dinner - YUM!

Reindeer doggiiee
Turkey and crisp sandwiches - is it just me? Yule log <3

Boxing day dinner - equally YUM!


Humor me - it's Christmas ;)

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas Party Outfit

Hey y'all,

Merry Christmasssss eep! I hope everyone has had a lovely day, spent it in good company, eaten lots of yummy food and got lots of awesome presents!

It was pretty low key today at my house. I just spent it with my immediate family, eating an insane amount of delicious food, exchanging presents and watching some really disappointingly unChristmassy TV! 
Boxing day in our house is the day when all the extended family come around though, bringing mayhem and chaos with them. Its so nice to have everyone altogether every once in a while though, and it's always been tradition in my family to have the huge full on Christmas dinner both days which I LOVE!
I'll add a few photos of both days in a little while :)

Last week was full of Christmas parties and work dos so I got lots of opportunities to wear some of the Motel pieces I picked up from the Sample Sale. I just wanted to share a particularly Christmassy one I wore to one of my works' Christmas party's last Thursday! The whole outfit was mostly red and black which I've been rocking a lot this December and the dress is glittery in places too which makes it even more perfect for this time of year. I styled it pretty simply with some black tights, red ankle socks and gorgeous black wedges which I bought recently. I also added some tacky Christmas gloves and Santa hat - gettin' in the spirit an' all! ;)

Hope you like the look, the white furry coat is also from Motel Rocks from quite a few seasons back and I'm still so in love with it. It's surprisingly light and I just throw it over anything and it keeps me cosy as!

Furry Coat: Motel Rocks
Dress: Motel Rocks
Gloves: Ann Summers
Ankle Socks: Topshop
Wedges: New Look
So what did Santa bring you all this year?

I'm planning to share a few of the lovely presents I got with you all over the next few days so keep your eyes peeled for them!

But for now, enjoy those leftovers and if you've got more days off work enjoy them! I'm going to stuff myself some more tomorrow yay!

Christmas love,