Thursday, 10 January 2013

Date Night Outfit - dinner and Pitch Perfect

Yesterday the boyf and I took a spontaneous late night dinner/cinema trip to Westfield, where he treated to me to dinner in a yummy but pricey brazilian restaurant and we watched Pitch Perfect (ahmaazing - I'll get to that!).

I took a few snaps of what I wore beforehand, they are awful quality so massive apologies, but I just thought I'd share those with you.

I've been wearing these red trousers a lot recently. They were one of the freebies I picked when I worked at the Motel Rocks Sample Sale (blog post here), as was the top, and they fit snug as! They're on the Motel website here, and come in lots of gorgeous shades. The black and white top is a loose fitting crop top and I nabbed quite a few in different prints and colours as I really like the way it fits.

The blazer I fell in love with - code for purchased immediately - a few months back from Missguided. I do love a Missguided purchase. It fits really nicely and the inner lining feels soft and light yet at the same time it's cosy to wear. The studded shoulders sealed the deal though for me, they just perfectly enhance a simple black blazer without going over board, so I can still get away with wearing it to work too.

The pumps I bought only a few weeks ago from New Look. I bought them as a relatively smart pair to wear at work but I've ended up just wearing them out a lot instead. They also have studs on the back which again = *hearts*.

Finally, the bag I bought quiiite a while back from Topshop and I really love the style and shape. I don't usually do little bags, I like to haul huge Mary Poppins' style ones around filled with pretty much anything I can convince myself 'I might need'. But I saw this one and thought it was far too cute, I love the bow and the little handle, and hoped it might train me into carrying around less stuff.

So we watched Pitch Perfect, which looked really funny in the trailers. I loved it! I instantly liked the main characters, it was hilarious in places, (some) of the song mash-ups were really good, and overall it really entertained me. I had heard it compared to Glee a lot which made me think I'd hate it (not a Glee fan) but I wouldn't compare the two at all and Pitch Perfect is FAR better (in my opinion)! It's a lot more fun and the characters are so much more loveable and charismatic.

Have any of you seen Pitch Perfect and if so what did you think? What else is everyone watching and liking in cinema at the moment?



  1. You look lovely, and I really like that jacket so nice.