Friday, 4 January 2013

Barry M - Magnetic Nails

Just wanted to quickly share my newest love of Magnetic Nails by Barry M.

When I read about the concept a while ago it confused the hell out of me, but once I tried it out myself I thought the results looked amazing!

The polish contains magnetic particles and the lid incorporates a magnet with a unique design. As soon as you apply the second coat of polish you immediately hover the magnet over the wet nail and it draws out the design.

Well for Christmas one of my lovely brothers bought me a tub of the Violet with a straight line design (see picture below) and I'm really glad he did as it's my new favourite way of doing my nails. It took me a little while to get the hang of it - more than once I managed to smudge the polish by getting the magnet a little too close - but once you perfect the process the outcome looks awesome!
Magnetic Nail - Violet (np329)
There's a whole range to collect, each comes with a different magnet design so once you have more than one you can mix and match with colours and effects. The different magnet designs are shown on each lid.

If you haven't tried this yet I'd definitely recommend getting a tub! Each tub is £4.99 which I don't think is bad at all for a good quality nail polish, especially for what it creates! I'm addicted for sure, and plan to pick up a few more tubs to start mixing and matching designs!
Some more designs and colours from the range
What do you guys think of the look? Is it something you'd try or have done already?

Speaking of magnetic, I heard this song a couple of months ago and haven't stopped listening to it since!

Happy Friday! Hope you all have lovely things planned for the weekend!

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