Saturday, 10 November 2012

Tattoo me Beautiful

I'm a tattoo virgin. Actually, I'm also a piercing virgin; a revelation that seems to horrify people when I tell them, if their facial expressions are anything to go by. I've accompanied many friends to get themselves pierced and inked, but just never had the guts to make a permanent mark on myself, nor have I particularly felt the need/want to either, until recently. I also get bored of things far too easily; that tasty chocolate bar I was munching last week, or that song I couldn't get enough of, yeah they're no longer my friends dontcha-know, so I'm also worried I'll get a gorgeous tattoo and love it for a few days but when I realise it's never coming off I can guarantee there'll be a time where I want it gone gone gone!

Regardless, lately I've got really really into little tattoos. I definitely want something small 'n' elegant, something that has meaning and a reason behind it, and I currently reaaally like the idea of getting one on the inside of my finger! At the moment I'm toying between a symbol or a specific word, but there are far too many options! And, as I'm discovering, many of them have already been done a hundred times over, whereas I'd like mine to be at least a little bit original.

Nevertheless, I collected a few of my favourites into a collage and I'm especially taken by the infinity sign intertwined with the heart. I'm using this as a little bit of a push, a constant reminder, to maybe eventually be able to add my hand to the mix with my first little tattoo. It might not seem like such a big deal, but for someone as fussy and undecided as me it kinda is!

Tattoo me Beautiful <3

Hope you enjoy these beautiful creations as much as I do!


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