Thursday, 23 August 2012

Motel Festival Style


So the latest Motel Street Team task was to create a Polyvore of my 'Festival Style'.

Honestly, when I first read the task description, I sort of screwed my face up at the Polyvore part as I had never heard of it before at all and had absolutely no idea what it was, but after a quick Google search and a spot of perusing on their site, I was a little wiser and totally up for giving it a go!

In a nutshell, Polyvore is an online fashion community which allows you to discover fellow users' styles and share your own trends worldwide. You can create 'sets' or 'collections' by mixing and matching current products from your favourite brands, which you can then go on to share through your own blog, Twitter or Facebook. It had genuinely never crossed my mind that something like this might exist, but once I discovered what it could actually do I was intrigued and eager to create my first Polyvore masterpiece (heh)! I mean hell, I create hundreds of styles and outfits in my head on a daily basis, so why not get a few down on paper!

I chose to create two outfits from Motel and teamed them with some fabulous Rock 'N Rose jewellery, a statement pair of Jeffery Campbell boots and some sparkly Models Own nail varnish.

The first gorgeous garm is the Motel Bryony Dip Hem Strappy Dress in Coral. The fishtail hem is one of my favourite styles at the moment, so simple yet perfectly elegant! This is a fabulous summery dress and the colour is totally gorgeous too.

The crop top is the Motel Ronnie Sheer Lace Crop Top in Pastel Pink. Every wardrobe deserves a crop top this summer and this one is definitely a winner! I especially love the lace texture and the fitted cut. I teamed this with the Motel Jodie Cropped Skinny Jeans in Pink Palm Leaf Print. The high waist and skinny fit make them ever so flattering to wear, and the tropical print teamed with the salmon pink base colour make them fresh and totally eye catching!

To accessorise these looks I used products from the blooming awesome Rock 'N Rose. Firstly, the Nora Oversized Floral Crown was a total must for me, as the colours just tied in perfectly and it just completes any festival look. It's a total statement piece! Plus, if this one doesn't quite take your fancy, they spoil you with a choice of nine crowns on their website!
I then added the simply gorgeous Peace Sign Ring and two Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe vintage necklaces from their Paris is for Lovers collection, both of which frame each famous parisian monument in a vintage brass crown.

The Jeffery Campbell Litas in Black Distressed Leather were another total must for me, they are such a statement boot and they come in every colour imaginable, as well as a selection of fab prints too!

Finally, I picked the Pastel Pink Ice Cream Sundae nail polish along with the Ibiza Miz Hed Kandi to create a layer of sparkles over the top. I own soo many Models Own polishes and they are all completely amazing. I love the candy colours of the Ice Cream Sundae collection and the glittermania of the Ibiza Mix is a total must for any nail polish collection!

All in all, I'm pretty happy with the way my first attempt turned out! And I'd deffo recommend anyone who hasn't already to check out Polyvore and have a go at creating some styles yourself!

And remember girlies, use the code " jaynaugustina " at the Motel Rocks checkout to get an amazzzing 20% off your order! You could even buy one of the pieces I've mentioned here!

Lots of love,

J x


  1. I like that hem strappy dress and I must say, for your first Polyvore, it turned out pretty well. Keep it up. Glad to see your doing something you really love.